Anonymous said: uwah~ I'm not sure if you've been asked this before o ^ o but what do you use to animate these adorable things ; w ; They're all so cutely designed and painted <3

Hi :D Thank you for liking them !! <3 yes I ve had people ask before. I use photoshop cs5 for both illustration and gif. xx

hanranchu said: I just found your blog. You're amazing! I really love your works! You're giving me a lot of inspiration! Thank you! You're really awesome!

Thank yoooou for this MEGA sweet message!!! :D I am SUPER happy that my arts bringing you some inspiration! here take these magical flowers with you :3 hope they bring you joy and luck. love xxx



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imarycry said: amazing blog. where do you get all the inspiration, the will to do all this?

Hi Thank you very much! :D

hmm I can talk about inspirations for days its quite hard to list them one by one! They come from my every day life, things I have experienced, seen and heard. It could be petite things as well as feelings or moods. 

To cut the long story short… here are of some major influences: Roald Dahl, One Piece, Studio Ghibli, Disney etc 

Hope that answers your question! :) xx

'Zine pages inspired gif series' Summary (on behance)

As you might have noticed, I can easily get carried away with things and whenever I do I kind of…somehow…dont know why…make it to the extreme. LOL 

This series was purely evoked by me flipping through pages of my zine on the day they arrived. perhaps because I was over the moon and my brain bobs reacted weirdly as if I was actually on the moon…(anyway) I thought It would be amazing if I could try animate some of my older work and bring them to life. 

It’s always hard re-visiting my old artworks (as I mostly finished them at a point where I had enough of them haha jokes) but It can be quite fun too.  

Like I mention in most of my project summaries, I believe that there are living beings/spirits/ghost etc that human eyes cant see, so I just play along with this idea. 

I hope you had fun looking at them!

Thank you so much for following my art and also THANKS to those amazing people who bought my zine! muwah

(=´∀`)人(´∀`=) «<hi5

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